Rolling Hills Rodeo Association

~ A Family Tradition ~

About Us

Rolling Hills Rodeo Association is a non-profit organization that is devoted to promoting the western traditions and values thru educating youth in the sport of rodeo with an emphasis on safety and growth. 

The way we choose to do this, in part, is to provide fun for the whole family as RHRA is open to the whole family - for KIDS ages 2 to 99! As they say "More is Caught, than Taught" and we provide an atmosphere that is youth focused but allows parents and grandparents alike to lead by example in the same arena.

We welcome new and old members to come join us on the third weekend of the month in June, July & August. The series is currently held at the Rosalia Rodeo Grounds in Rosalia, WA and we offer a total of 6 divisions determined by age age groups:

  • Leadline
  • 7 & Under
  • 8 - 1 1
  • 12 - 16
  • 17 - 39
  • 40+

Members and non-members alike can compete in our 6-rodeo series (as of 2020) throughout the summer in various events; which can be found on our entry forms. Members are eligible to earn prizes and awards for each event they compete in as well as consideration for All-Around. We invite you and your whole family to come join us in participating in this youth focused, family-friendly organization.


Our History

In the late 90's, Sharon Hannas and Kellee Whipple orchestrated a family playday centered around various rodeo events. In a conversation between the two, Kellee talked about her involvement in an group where she was from in Idaho. It was a place where each member of the family could compete in various rodeo events, excluding rough stock, in one place on the same day. They thought the idea for a family-oriented event like that would be well received in the area of the Palouse so they both decided to pursue the idea. The first rodeo was held at the Palouse Empire Fairgrounds in Colfax, WA in May of 1999 with competitors of all ages. There were three more rodeos that year, forming a series where competitors could earn points for year-end awards. The participation grew with each rodeo and eventually the events moved around to several different towns in the area.

Following many years of fun & participation an official organization was later created to continue the tradition in a more formal way. Rolling Hills Rodeo Association, was formed with the vision of creating a non-profit family rodeo association where the family atmosphere remained and a strong focus on growth and safety would remain while allowing for business sponsors  to advertise and support the membership the help the continuation of the western way of life & "A Family Tradition!