Board Meetings:

Bored meetings are typically held monthly from March through September unless determined collectively by the board members that there is not enough business to be conducted or it is matters that can be handled over electronic communication.

Members are welcome to attend, however, only board members will be allowed discussion and to vote.

Scheduled Meeting Dates:

Monday March 14th @ 6pm - Location TBD

Monday April 11th @ 6pm - Location TBD

Monday May 23rd @ 6pm - Location TBD

Monday June 6th @ 6pm - Location TBD

Friday July 8th @ 6pm - Location TBD

Annual General Membership Meetings:

Typically held once a year on the same day as our awards banquet. All registered members, in good standing will have one vote on all matters discussed and voted upon provided that there is a quorum of 1/3 of the registered members present. If a quorum is not present then the Board will hear the input from members on the topics at hand and will proceed in making the final decision.

Next Meeting Date: TBD

Last Meeting Date: 01/30/22

Meeting Schedule

Rolling Hills Rodeo Association