Rolling Hills Rodeo Association

If there are any questions or concerns about the accuracy of the "2022 Year-end Standings" they must be inquired upon no later than 10/16/22 per the rulebook. Any questions or concerns may be sent, in writing, to

Kelsey South | Points Secretary |

2022 Results

​ It is our goal to have results published ideally within 72 hours of the event. If for any reason this timeline is not adhered to please remember that everyone on the board is strictly a volunteer who has young families and we promise to do our very best for you to get you results quickly but most importantly we want them to be accurate so results will only be published after an audit has been performed. 

Please note that Results from the rodeos will be posted before Standings and Volunteer info. These are very labor intensive and detail oriented and we know that everyone will appreciate the accuracy which is why they will be posted later than the individual rodeo results. 

Reviews or information requests must be submitted to our Point Secretary:

Kelsey South | Points Secretary |

***There is a 2 week window (from the date of posting) for any corrections or discrepancies in any results or standings.