It is our goal to have results published for review within   one week of the event. If for any reason this timeline is not   adhered to please remember that everyone on the board is   strictly a volunteer who has young families and we promise   to do our very best for you to get you results quickly but   most importantly we want them to be accurate so results

 will only be published after an audit has been performed.

 Results will likely be published to our Facebook page prior   to being updated on the website but please consult both   places.

 There is a 2 week review period from the date of the   event to request a review in the event you believe   you found an error. 

 Reviews must be submitted to our Points Secretary   and/or President:

 Anna Wilson  |

 Trisha Brash  |

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Please keep in mind that the final standings and All-Around are subject to having , as many as, the bottom 2 scores dropped which will  be determined following the final rodeo.

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